the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Twin Flames

Before i begin i just want to explain that this is what i believe a Twin Flame is.
Some of this is based on same answers everywhere you would look and some are based on what i believe.
This is a experience i believe i have just started to go through.

Everyone is destined to be with someone

God made everyone for someone and it’s a matter of his time to bring those 2 people together.
When we talk about God we talk about Love and that’s because he is Love…he’s about Love and that’s what he wants all of us to have and share with everyone.
Each and everyone of us is destined to be with someone and i believe if we want to know who he has destined us for we just need to ask.
We need to have faith and belief and we need to not only open our ears to listen but we need to open ourselves up for any answers he gives us.
If we’re not willing to listen, than he wont be able to tell/show us.
The reason i believe this is because the experiences i have and still am going through.
I have opened myself up to listen to what the Lord has to tell me and with that i see more and more signs or answers.
So i know that we are on the same page, when i say Listen to what he has to tell us, i mean listen to our spirit (holy) because it knows what’s best and what’s right and what’s wrong.
There are many ways the spirit (holy) will communicate with us.

  • It can be done through dreams
  • It can be done through tuition (strong instincts that come from the heart)
  • It can be done through daily activities we do etc.

I believe the TF is another part of the other person and with that we can connect strongly on a spiritual level with this person.
When we meet our TF, it opens the doors to a whole new look (so to speak) and it really opens up to who we really are, why we should listen but i also think it opens the doors to LOVE.
Remember, he wants everyone to love and by him giving us our TF, he wants us to share the love that the TF shares within eachother.
Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the only time he wants us to show love but i believe a connected TF has a great power of love to share.

The way i like to look at this in a picture format is this:

Left Heart     Right Heart

And when God connects us together with our Twin Flame it looks like this:


Each of us have our own heart which our full hearts and full of as much love as what one can share and with the full connection of the Twin Flame we are complete and have nothing BUT Love to share.


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