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Twin Flame Experience

Twin Flame

Throughout my years in spiritual believing i’ve never heard of Twin Flames and i never heard anything about it until about 5-6 months now.
Within the last 7 months or so now my spiritual belief has never been stronger.
I must warn that this will be a long post as i have a lot to cover in it as i want to share my experience and research as to how it all comes together.

Why has my spiritual belief gotten stronger?

It started about 7 months ago with a dream i had.
I woke up that following morning wondering why i had that dream…it made no sense to me.
I turned to dream moods to try and interpret it, with no luck it seemed.
After going through some of the symbols that were in my dream it strongly felt that wasn’t place i was looking for.
There just had to be more to it…There has to be a reason why.

I started searching google for some forums to interact with and still didn’t have a lot of luck.
At this point coming across forums i felt that i was getting closer…it’s something you can just feel.
After a few discussions it really started to feel that this is on a spiritual level…something more than just the message in the dream.
I started getting answers from some that stated that i miss that person and the reason i had that dream was because i was thinking about this person a lot.
That was excluded mainly because i wasn’t thinking about this person after she had disappeared.
From the time we stopped talking to the dream i thought it was just another friend that didn’t want to be friends anymore, so i just moved on…so i knew it wasn’t that.

Another answer i was given a couple times was i had the dream because it was a vision of where she was.
I couldn’t rule this one out because i have yet to speak with her so i can’t say if she was at a place like this or not.
It still felt like there was something missing…it’s a possibility (i’m going to have to ask her when i talk to her again for sure though) but seemed there was more to it.

I got more answers stating that it was a way of her saying that she may have disappeared from the computer but she’s still there and even if i go through tough times she will still be there to lift me up, like she was from the beginning.

Hummm…ok, this might be possible for sure because yes, when we were talking and any time i would come home from work in a bad mood she always sprouted me up and made me feel much better.
She always made me laugh and knew what to say that would make me laugh.

I never left that out of the question, however after a while there were signs of her all over the place weather it be looking at someone that looks like her to hearing t her name in multiple locations of places i go to, to hearing more about the city she lives in to music and on and on and on lol.
I’ve gone through many days/nights where her appearance felt so strong in my heart it would be hard to bare.
I would just here and cry…i literally mean cry (tears).
Memories of old conversations would start to play back in me.

After going through this for some time i felt that there was something more happening…something more than just her sending a message letting me know she’s still here.
I started to look around some more, posting more detailed posts on why would one feel this way? why is this and that happening? why am i feeling the way i’m feeling and so forth.

After posting a detailed post about when we first met, how we first met, how we were throughout the friendship to the dream, to how i’ve been feeling, someone had mentioned that it sounds like you may have met your Twin Flame (TF).
At this point i was like hummm…Ok, good…now what does that mean?

I had more research to do because i wanted to know what a TF was/is.
After seeing what it was, i had something more to work with.
Now that i know what it is, it’s time to see if i can find signs of meeting your TF.
Some of the signs i seen listed weren’t there but a lot of them were and some of them nailed it on the head.
Some of those signs were EXACT to how i was feeling and what i was going through.

Here’s just a couple:

  1. You felt like you’ve met this person before
  2. You see a image of yourself in this person
  3. When the first meet, a instant bond will happen
  4. You feel how this person is feeling before speaking to them
  5. Your life will change and over time you will be more spiritually awakened

Those were a few that nailed it…Well the fourth one i couldn’t say nailed it because i could be talking to her online and know that she’s having a down day, even if she’s not showing it.
At this point…now i’m starting to believe i’m in the right spot…this feels more right, but i still had a question i hadn’t seen answered yet in this TF situation.

I started posting more in forums trying to find out why i’m feeling this way.
Someone had responded with a ‘Twin Flame Runner’.
Runner…hummm, ok i need to see what that is now.
So, back to Google i go to look it up and see what it means.
After seeing what it means, it made a little sense but now i needed to find signs of a TF Runner.

The answers that i got on the meaning of it matched up to why this may have happened to the stages and feeling that the chaser would be going through (not excluding the runner) but it seemed that she was the runner.
*I will create a page on TF Runners and TF’s*

F or those who know some of the feelings that would develop from this will have a understanding, if not than refer to the TF Runner page.

  1. Emotional roller coaster
  2. feelings that hit twice as hard (weather sad or joyful)
  3. Situations will feel more tensed

Those are the top 3 that i go through myself although there are others, but those are the main ones.
So with all these signs and what not i’ve started to believe that this is what’s been going on.
I very well may have met my TF.

Now i want to talk about why i got so involved in this stuff, what lead me to this stage.

The reason i got to this was because the feelings that i had and was carrying with me was like no other.
I lost one best friend when i was a little kid and a bunch of other friends (i wouldn’t say Best Friends) but just friends and i’ve never gotten anything like this.

Another thing to mention to was before i met this person and a little bit longer after (i think) i had met this other person on the same site.
Things were getting serious and i was going to move out there (she’s in the states as well).
We took a full day and she made a bunch of calls regarding types of Visa’s, Green cards to what category i would fit in to the process and requirements of getting it done.
It fell through, plans never worked out and so she stopped talking to me.
Even after this point i’ve never felt the same way i do now, not even close, so something lead me to believe that there was something else going on and i needed to try and find out what it was.

This is why i am so deep into it and why i fought to get answers.
lol i would work on just a few hours of sleep at times fighting to get answers, when doing a delivery and if i hit a wi-fi spot i would be searching.
If there was something there with this person, i wasn’t going to give up.

That’s one thing i like about myself.
If i’m dedicated to something or someone i will fight until there’s no more fight left in me (than i recharge and go back).
Things and people that are important to me are important for a reason and i’m sure it’s like that with any one else 🙂

Well, thanks for reading this LOOOOooooong page and i hope it was something you enjoyed.

If you have a story you want to share, either post it here and post a link to your page.

You may not be a big fan of Justin Timberlake but a good song for this


Comments on: "Twin Flame Experience" (5)

  1. That’s really heavy! I think we have to be careful with interpreting things in the spiritual realm. Sometimes it can cause a lot of confusion and heart ache. Sometimes the answers just aren’t there. As far as the twin flame thing goes, I am not very educated on it. I have a small idea of what it is, BUT, I do know that we have to be really careful in the source. As far as I know it has origins and roots in the pegan/wiccan belief system. I don’t know for sure, but please be careful. Satan loves any opportunity he can get to deter us from God. Just please be careful and pray on this. The Lord won’t lead you in the wrong direction. I believe you and this person do have a strong spiritual connection without a doubt! God is putting this person in your mind for some reason but with God it’s all in His time on when we find the answers to all the whys! I do believe in soulmates, that God has created one person for everyone. Great piece Jason and I look forward to reading the follow up blogs! 🙂

    • I believe that there is a line not to cross.
      Seeking answers that haven’t not been giving by him and trying to look into where things will be at in X number of days//months/years etc. is something to have patience in as tempting as it is to want to try and look at those things, you just can’t.
      That’s something i don’t look into, my biggest thing are those questions of WHY but i tell myself when i think of that, is that god has a place and time for everything to happen and that question of WHY will be answered when the time is right.
      I’m deep into the emotional feelings and feelings of connection and that’s where i’m at.
      It’s very different, strong and something i’ve never felt before and that’s why i have those questions.

      • To the first part Amen! To the second I think we all are. You are so aware of peoples emotions and feelings is great! You have a way of emotionally connecting with them. I think because of that you really feel a loss when one of your strong emotional connections gets severed with no explanation. I think you just have a huge heart and are feeling a loss! You offer all of yourself to everyone you connect with! You’ll get your answer or at least resolution. God bless!

      • ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!! =-)

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