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Videos i listen to

I wanted to gather up some videos that i listen to.
They’re not so much on the spiritual level but it’s the kind of music that’s some what mellow and it opens thoughts.
Other types of music i listen to is just music i like to jam to.
The ones i want to share tonight are ones that i can close my eyes to and just sing to it…sing from the heart if that makes sense.

These are just a few of my favorites and 99% of them are songs i NEVER thought i would listen to lol but here i am…today listening to them and know the lyrics. (more…)


Personal song of choice

Music is a big thing to be and has been since i was a little child.
It allows you to express who you are and it allows you to listen to other people’s lives.
Over the years i’ve learned that music is a beat to someone’s story and that’s how some of us express it.
So with that here is a song i want to share with everyone (more…)

A dream following numerology

We all have dreams however this one was played out a little differently than previous ones.
It all started with a numerology report i read on this person (same lady as mentioned on this blog).
There were different numbers i was reading (eg. personality, soul, personal year etc.) and out of the entire report there was one thing that caught my attention…popped up to me.
Don’t get me wrong, there were alot of things that (more…)