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How do i meditate?

Read than take the poll at the bottom

When things aren’t so bad it can be difficult to get into a deep meditative state.
It’s difficult because we don’t discipline ourselves…we don’t discipline our minds.
We are so used to thinking all the time while we’re a wake so when we close our eyes our thoughts are still with us.
They’re still going through our minds.
To train ourselves (more…)

Free yourself of stress and tension

Ok so before i get to this i want to talk about how this worked for someone else as it did me.
Once i finish with this story i will show you guys/gals how i did it and you can try it for yourself and it should work.

So lastnight before the girl went to bed i turned on some music (at a low level) shut the light off and told her to lay on the bed.
I talked to her in a real soft voice and gave her instructions on what to follow.
While i was giving them to her she was asking me… (more…)

Some answers to the dream about a friend

On August 4th 2013 i found a forum called BitWine.
It’s a psychic type forum.

I stumbled across this forum and asked the question about the dream i had.
A couple of the responses opened up some possibilities. (more…)