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Twin Flames?

I’ve been wanting to touch on this for quite some time now but i just haven’t.
This has been evolving throughout my experience in spirituality and how things have been playing out for me.
Twin Flames may or may not be a category that all spiritual believers believe in but for me it is something i strongly believe in and i share it with my experience.

It’s a big enough of a topic i decided to add a Twin Flames menu simply because it’s it’s own page worth of information.
I share what i go through in posts as they unfold and create pages if there’s enough to explain what something is.


A dream following numerology

We all have dreams however this one was played out a little differently than previous ones.
It all started with a numerology report i read on this person (same lady as mentioned on this blog).
There were different numbers i was reading (eg. personality, soul, personal year etc.) and out of the entire report there was one thing that caught my attention…popped up to me.
Don’t get me wrong, there were alot of things that (more…)

Who are friends?

I was on Facebook last night and i was going to write a note titled “Friends v.s friends” but for some reason i changed my mind and never did write it.

I come on Facebook a couple of hours ago and noticed a friend updated their status to something like “i may not be perfect but at least i’m not fake”

I joined in on it and she threw a response out that said: (more…)