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Update on my experiences since last

Well there has been some things that have happened since i last posted here.

I’ve been having quite a few dreams since the middle of September.

  • Sept 14, Sept 15, Sept 22, Sept 24, Sept 25, Sept 26, Sept 27, Oct 2, Oct 4

When i go through my dreams it’s impressive to see what’s going on in my life and where i am headed.
I’ve never been one to record my dreams until Sept, from that point i write them down every time i have them.

I went out and bought a tablet that i keep on a end table beside my bed.
This comes in handy cause i’ll wake up early (more…)


How believing has helped me in a good way

Listen to this while you’re reading and see how you feel
On this post i just want to talk about how believing has helped and changed me in a good way and what it has done for me.

I have posted on a few experiences i have faced based on belief and this is where i want to take a minute and talk about it.
I want to talk about things i do, what my routine is and how it’s raised my inner self to a higher level. (more…)