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What helps me to remember dreams

When we have dreams it’s our spirit that’s telling us something or wanting us to be aware of something.
When we talk to people we use our ears to listen, so if we want to listen to what other people are telling us we need to pay attention.
We need to open our ears so that we can listen to what someone is telling us.

Now, with that said, there are other ways of communicating with people and speaking is just one way.
Body posture is one way, sign language is another way, writing is another way etc.
If we want to hear what someone is telling us by body language we don’t open our ears, we open our eyes and see what they are saying.

Our spirit works the same way.
One of the ways our spirit talks to us is by (more…)

A dream following numerology

We all have dreams however this one was played out a little differently than previous ones.
It all started with a numerology report i read on this person (same lady as mentioned on this blog).
There were different numbers i was reading (eg. personality, soul, personal year etc.) and out of the entire report there was one thing that caught my attention…popped up to me.
Don’t get me wrong, there were alot of things that (more…)

Update on my experiences since last

Well there has been some things that have happened since i last posted here.

I’ve been having quite a few dreams since the middle of September.

  • Sept 14, Sept 15, Sept 22, Sept 24, Sept 25, Sept 26, Sept 27, Oct 2, Oct 4

When i go through my dreams it’s impressive to see what’s going on in my life and where i am headed.
I’ve never been one to record my dreams until Sept, from that point i write them down every time i have them.

I went out and bought a tablet that i keep on a end table beside my bed.
This comes in handy cause i’ll wake up early (more…)

Keep track of your dreams with dreamnoter

I’ve been working on a piece of software for a little while now and it’s to help me keep track of my dreams.
It allows us to keep track of the following:

  • Locations
    Where are we (house, park, beach etc.)
  • Objects
    What do we see (doors, clocks, water etc.)
  • Most important…our dream

When objects are added, they get added to a list box as individual items.
Once one or more items (more…)