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Who am i?

This is more of a descriptive post to my new year resolution that i had posted on my last post.
It’s more detailed and it should have it’s own post.

Over the years i have hidden one side of me…the soft side.
I have always been a softy, and what i mean by that is i have a heart for people, for animals etc.
When something happens to someone i feel it, it’s something i can’t turn my head to and just walk away without feeling something.
I feel emotional about things, i show care towards people…show people who (more…)


Helping others in relationships

On July 17th 2013 i sat down one night and something had just come to me.
I remember when i used to chat to lots of people there were some that were going through difficult times in relationships and i was able to give them some advice that they appreciated and used

At that point i wanted to find a place where i could answer questions, give my personal opinion and advice.
The first site that came to mind was (more…)