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Bad instinct became true

I live in Calgary, AB and we had a nice hit of snow overnight into today which made the roads very slick and slippery.
Speeds were reduced, traffic was congesting everywhere and accidents were all over the place.

Around 4:30 i got in contact with my dispatcher to let him know i was clear and he was sending me up west.
I was coming down a major road (Glenmore Trail) and traffic was at a deadlock. (more…)


Imagination or connection?

As some of you know already the experiences i’ve been having regarding a certain person.
I’ve been taking you step by step into my experiences and how i have been dealing with it, and this is one of those things i want to share.

3 days ago (October 21) i was partly awake but not enough to where i could open my eyes.
I was imagining myself calling someone because i really needed to talk to someone about what’s been going on with me and how i have been feeling.
I called this person and asked (more…)

Helping others in relationships

On July 17th 2013 i sat down one night and something had just come to me.
I remember when i used to chat to lots of people there were some that were going through difficult times in relationships and i was able to give them some advice that they appreciated and used

At that point i wanted to find a place where i could answer questions, give my personal opinion and advice.
The first site that came to mind was (more…)

A spritual experience i will never forget

On August 15th 2013 @ 11:30pm i was finishing up what i was doing on the computer.
I set my alarm so i could be up in the morning for work.
I crawled into bed and started to fall a sleep…Well so much for that idea.
My right side wisdom tooth started aching, which was fine at first cause it was tolerable.
Well a short time later it cause worse…it got to the point i couldn’t take it anymore, it was hurting so bad. (more…)

Some answers to the dream about a friend

On August 4th 2013 i found a forum called BitWine.
It’s a psychic type forum.

I stumbled across this forum and asked the question about the dream i had.
A couple of the responses opened up some possibilities. (more…)