the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Are you prepared?

blood moon

Quite some time ago i realized with the help of my cousin and uncle that my spiritual belief was heading down the dark road instead of the light road.
I’ve never intended to go down that road but when it was brought to my attention and i researched a little bit i than realized where i was headed and i changed it right away.

When we want to look into the future, get into the minds of others and communicate with others on a powerful level, it’s Satan himself that gives us this ability.
This i believe is one way for the devil himself to open ourselves up for betrayal.
He uses us than spits us out like a piece of trash…that’s just what he does but when he can give us something that we would want, we take it.
Why do we take it?
Because it gives us that extra feel of power.

This is something i feel i have awakened to and it’s something i really want to get out there for others to see as well.
Don’t let this evil man get into you, don’t give in to what he can give you because you can rest assure when it’s all said and done it’s going to be too late.

Everything that others were telling me in regards to the “Twin Flame” situation turned out to be false.
Lies (The devil comes up to lie, cheat and destroy).

I began to do nightly prayers and pay more attention to events that happen throughout the day and i look at what i believe the lord does on a daily basis.
Since i started praying and asking for answers as to if i am going down the right road or not, i can’t explain the feeling i get as to how soon i believe Jesus is on his way for his second coming.
I feel that we’re just in a matter of months to days.
Just last month i heard about the 4 blood moons which are set to start in April, another in September or October (can’t remember) and 2 more next year.
Now not just hearing about the tetrad (4 blood moons) but the dates they fall on (Jewish holidays)

I believe there were 3 of these events in the last 500 hundred years and for each time something bizarre has happened is Israel.

Will this be the sign of the second coming of Jesus Christ?

Matthew 24:29-31

29Soon after the trouble of those days, the sun will grow dark, the moon will no longer shine, the stars will fall from the heaven, and the powers in space will be driven from their courses.

30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky; and all the peoples of the earth will weep as they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with the power and great glory.

31The great trumpet will sound, and he will send out his angels to the four corners of the earth, and they will gather his chosen people from one end of the world to the other.

Now if we look around and see what kinds of things are on urge with Iran, Israel, Persia and other nations, we can yet see that something is ready to happen and it’s ready to happen fast.
It’s everywhere…Nations want to take Israel off the map, hence the reason for Nuclear weapons from Iran.

There’s a war that’s ready to start and lets take a look at this

Ezekiel 38:1-3

The Lord spoke to me.

2″Mortal man,” he said, “denounce Gog, chief ruler of the nations of Meshech and Tubal in the land of Magog. Denounce him
3and tell him that I, the Soverign Lord, am his enemy

Ezekiel 38:8

After many years I will order him to invade a country where the people were brought back together from many nations and have lived without fear of war. He will invade the mountains of Israel, which were desolate and deserted so long, but where all the people now live in safety.

We should always be prepared and always be on the look out.
There is not a exact date or time when the Son of God will return, however we do know that there will be a Tribulation that will take place first.

Now with this in mind it’s time that we all start to believe and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and his Father.
“He who believes in me, believes in thy father”
“He who knows me, knows thy father”
“I am the bread of life and he who believes in me will live an eternal life”
“I tell you the truth”
The above was from a interesting movie i seen called The Gospel of John

Here’s a video i seen on the Tribulation.
I thought it was interesting if you pay attention to the whole picture of the movie and not the characters.


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