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Twin Flames?

I’ve been wanting to touch on this for quite some time now but i just haven’t.
This has been evolving throughout my experience in spirituality and how things have been playing out for me.
Twin Flames may or may not be a category that all spiritual believers believe in but for me it is something i strongly believe in and i share it with my experience.

It’s a big enough of a topic i decided to add a Twin Flames menu simply because it’s it’s own page worth of information.
I share what i go through in posts as they unfold and create pages if there’s enough to explain what something is.


Comments on: "Twin Flames?" (1)

  1. I tried commenting on the twin flames ecperience but it wouldnt let me so heres my comment lol
    That’s really heavy! I think we have to be careful with interpreting things in the spiritual realm. Sometimes it can cause a lot of confusion and heart ache. Sometimes the answers just aren’t there. As far as the twin flame thing goes, I am not very educated on it. I have a small idea of what it is, BUT, I do know that we have to be really careful in the source. As far as I know it has origins and roots in the pegan/wiccan belief system. I don’t know for sure, but please be careful. Satan loves any opportunity he can get to deter us from God. Just please be careful and pray on this. The Lord won’t lead you in the wrong direction. I believe you and this person do have a strong spiritual connection without a doubt! God is putting this person in your mind for some reason but with God it’s all in His time on when we find the answers to all the whys! I do believe in soulmates, that God has created one person for everyone. Great piece Jason and I look forward to reading the follow up blogs! 🙂

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