the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

When we have dreams it’s our spirit that’s telling us something or wanting us to be aware of something.
When we talk to people we use our ears to listen, so if we want to listen to what other people are telling us we need to pay attention.
We need to open our ears so that we can listen to what someone is telling us.

Now, with that said, there are other ways of communicating with people and speaking is just one way.
Body posture is one way, sign language is another way, writing is another way etc.
If we want to hear what someone is telling us by body language we don’t open our ears, we open our eyes and see what they are saying.

Our spirit works the same way.
One of the ways our spirit talks to us is by dreams.
So for us to want to know what our spirit is telling us we need to pay attention…we need to focus.
A way for us to do this is by opening our minds up…clear our minds from the clutter so that we can understand what our spirit is telling us.

Try writing down a paragraph with different letters overlapping other letters

It looks like clutter and that’s what’s going on in our minds (this is just one overlap)
The idea here is to clear our minds as much as possible and the more we can do that the higher our awareness becomes.


When we can do this we can than understand what our spirit is trying to tell us (as you can see in the image above).
So now that you have a better picture to what i think and how i think of things i have a little coach (so to speak) that helps me with this.
It’s a video i listen to when i go to sleep.
Well not always and that’s because i want to see if there’s some kind of pattern…see if this is something that helps focus the mind or if the timing was just right.

About 90% of the time i do listen to this when i go to sleep i wake up the next morning remembering what my dream was about.


So now where’s the meat to this post?

For one that might be interested in listening to this video i will post it below.
I’ve never listened to this during the day but come to think of it sometime i think i will to see if there’s something i can experience.
Once i do this i will be sure to write about it…even if nothing happens.

Anyways thanks for reading this and if you try this at anytime let me know what happens.
And remember…go with the flow of the video and clear your mind as much as possible.


Comments on: "What helps me to remember dreams" (2)

  1. […] happened today (in the waking hours) of my day. Before i begin this if you read my previous post What helps me to remember dreams i talked about a video i listen to sometimes when i go to sleep and 90% of the time i have dreams […]

  2. I don’t often remember my dreams just the nightmares, though I have found that being of peaceful mind does help me have a better quality of sleep.

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