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How do i meditate?

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When things aren’t so bad it can be difficult to get into a deep meditative state.
It’s difficult because we don’t discipline ourselves…we don’t discipline our minds.
We are so used to thinking all the time while we’re a wake so when we close our eyes our thoughts are still with us.
They’re still going through our minds.
To train ourselves to unfocus from these thoughts can be a training process…a process that may take some time or a process that can happen rather quickly.

So how do you know you’re in a good meditative state?
You will just know.
Your body will feel loose, free.
You’ll almost feel as if you’re floating in mid air (if you’re laying down)

Eyes will be closed, darkness behind your eyes will be there and a thought wont be in your mind.
The difficult part is getting to this point…to the point where there’s not a thought crossing your mind.
Think of our thoughts as traffic.
The more we think the more the more our minds get congested.

The thing i found that has helped me when i do this is quietness, or music but at a very low level.
When i close my eyes i focus on what i see behind my eyes.
I focus on having no thoughts in my mind…anything i’m thinking about is no longer there and i tell myself from inside “There’s nothing to think about”.
When i’m going through this state i pretend that it’s noisy in my mind (which is it from thoughts) and i vision myself turning down a volume dial.
I vision a dial that looks like one of the older locker locks and i turn the dial until it hits 0.

From this point i feel more relaxed, more at ease and i just try to focus on what’s behind the dark space i’m looking at.
Have you ever looked so hard at something (i mean by focusing) that you want to vision what’s behind what you’re looking at? maybe space as a good example.

That’s how i’m trying to train myself…close the eyes and just stay focused on what’s behind the closed eyed…see if there’s something there

It’s a great experience if you can get deep into it.

I went upstairs one night into a room, shut the door, shut the lights off and just sat on the floor.
By the end of the meditation experience i was excited at what i seen.

What i seen was Nicole’s face being drawn.
The face was like a sketch and as soon as i seen it i knew right away who it was…no doubt about it.
The cool thing about that experience was the sketch was being done as i’m seeing it so it wasn’t just “pop…here’s the sketch of this person”
It was awsome.
It was like she drew herself into my mind.

Anyways enough on that lol it was just a awsome experience.
Your thoughts are gone…you’re not thinking about anything, you’re just letting your mind flow freely and whatever you see, stay focused on it as much as you can.

Well…i’m not exactly sure why i wrote this tonight as i had no intent to write about anything because i didn’t have anything to talk about.
But there it is…a article on something i never thought about writing about so if it’s boring it’s cool.
I’m just writing as it comes out.

BUT…if you liked it…awsome 🙂 thank you very much for that.


Comments on: "How do i meditate?" (4)

  1. In light of the evening and few weeks I’ve had I am certainly going to try! Than you! I’ll let you know tomorrow! God bless you!
    PS: told ya genius! Lol

    • In hopes that it works and even if it don’t you just gotta keep trying.
      At some point you may experience something different…not in a bad way either.
      Different as in relaxation, clear minded, more free, nicer dreams etc.

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