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Journey of health

I am going to take you on a journey of health as this has to do with my uncle and grandma.
Now, throughout this journey there will be a little twist as this person (mentioned on this blog) will be added as well as a little humor story…So time to brace yourself.

Ok, lets get started.
The day before Christmas i was exited cause i knew i was going to have 2 days off work.
My plan was in place to do lots of work on the internet and be in my jogging pants for the 2 days.

Tip: Never make plans, something seems to always come up.

Later on in the evening i dropped my uncle off at the seniors home because that’s where my grandma is (his mother)
I get a phone call about a half an hour later with him saying

My mom is laying in bed and she’s not waking up.
The nurses were in here trying to wake her up to and she’s not moving.

I jump into the van to go down there to see what was going on.
When i get there i see a little bit of brown stuff coming out of her mouth.
I tried to wake her up but no…she wasn’t waking up.
A nurse came in and checked her vital signs and everything checked out ok.
My uncle asked her if the sound she was making was coming from her lungs, the nurse said No, it’s coming from her chest.
About 30-45 minutes the ambulance finally showed up and took her to the hospital.

She was brought straight to a level called R1.
The doctors couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on however they knew that she had aspirated.
All signs pointed to a bowel obstruction.
They hooked her up on the IV with some pain killers to try and make her as comfortable as possible.
After doing x-rays they determined that she may have aspirated ammonia.
She wasn’t doing so well, she was getting worse.
Her heart rate was staying steady at 154 which is not good.
The heart rate should be around the 100 or a little over.
The news was broken from the doc that she’ll have a few days left.
Things were looking worse as the night progressed so the doc narrowed the time frame to 24 hours.
My uncle didn’t know how to take it and had talked to a few people about possibly doing something to himself if he lost her.
After a conversation about that it was determined that they were going to admit him as they were concerned about what he could do if she passed.

Day 2 (Dec 25)

The following morning they took her for x-rays on her bowels to see if there was anything going on there.
Nothing showed up…there was no bowel obstruction.
This was great news.
Not much update happened today however she was admitted to unit 71 (she’s still there).
They kept her on the pain killers and put her on oxygen.
Her heart rate was around 122 which is still a bit high but not life threatening.
The doc had put her on antibiotics to attack the ammonia.
She pretty well slept the entire day through.
Earlier that day i went to the unit where my uncle was in (Unit 49) so he could be out for the day.
He wasn’t allowed out of the unit unless someone was with him.
So i would go down there so that he could see his mom, have some smokes etc.
Every couple of hours i would have to go back with him so that he could check in.

I was exhausted by the end of the evening.
I leave the hospital and i get to my first set of lights.
The van starts putting cause i think i’m running out of gas (gas gauge doesn’t work).
I’m asking myself “Where’s the closest gas station…crap, where is it”
The light turns green and i knew i wasn’t far from a 7-11 that has a gas station.
At this point i pull up to the gas pump.
I go into the store and i approached someone who worked there and asked him a question.

Excuse me, do you know where the closest gas station is?

He replies back with the most brilliant answer:

Ummmm…right here? *he than laughs about it*

At this point i’m thinking i’m best off not saying anything and just prepay the gas.
Now i’m out of here…on my way home for the night.

Day 3 (Dec 26)

I go back to my uncles unit so that he could come out for a smoke (was about noon when i got there).
We would go up and see his mom, go outside for a bit than go back upstairs to his mom, back down etc.
Later on in the day we find out that she has some hardening on her lung and this can be caused from ammonia.
It seems common in seniors from the age of 65 or 68 and up if they get ammonia.

Her breathing wasn’t the greatest as she was having a difficult time getting that extra breath.
This was because of the hardening on her lungs.
When you breath the lung expands and the hardening parts of the lungs can’t expand which than restricts your breathing.

This was unfortunate to hear.
All we can do is keep our faith up and keep preying.

In the evening there was a on call doc that came into my uncles unit to do a assessment on him to see where he’s at…where his mind is at.
We sat in a room for about an hour watching YTV (it’s a cartoon network).
Me and this other person was watching a commercial on advanced legos (booya).
She was telling me how cool those things are.
I told her the last time i played with legos was when the original ones were out…the small block legos.
I go up to the counter and as i’m about to walk away i no longer heard “NICOLE”
I stop dead in my tracks, turn around to see this person and it was the same one that was talking about the legos.
I’m thinking to myself “Thanks for popping in Nicole” and yes, that is the person’s name i’ve been talking about in this blog.
Back to the assessment…
Everything seemed to have checked out good.
The doc allowed him 30 min at a time to be out on his own (could not leave the hospital grounds) than he would have to check in than go back out and so forth.
We went outside for a little while than i decided to leave for home.

Day 4 (Dec 27)

The day of his release (the day i go back to work to…grrr)
I get a phone call from my uncle saying they have released him but i had to go down there before they would let him leave the property.

I go to work to grab a few deliveries and on my route i decided to pop into the hospital to get him released.
When i get to his unit, the nurse at the counter asked my uncle who his nurse was.
I look at the white board with all the patients and their nurses written down.
Here’s what i seen:

Someone else
Someone else
Someone else

Why did this throw me off?
Because that’s how i used to call her name all the time.
I never called her by Nicole…always by Nikki.
I’m feeling that she’s present…that she’s just there.
Just one of those deep inside feelings…warm feeling.

Anyways about 30 min or so later his nurse comes out so that he could be released and gone from the unit and this is what she says.

Ok Andrew…you’re free to go.
Have a great day.

The first thing that crosses my mind is…“Really? that’s it? you’re free to go, have a nice day?”

I was mad about this…my dispatcher didn’t know i was at the hospital to have him released and i was in there for over 30 to hear “Have a nice day?”
I couldn’t believe it.
All that crossed my mind before i got there was i needed to be there to sign some papers to state that he was released to me or something in that nature.

He spent the rest of the day upstairs with his mom while i finished my day off at work.
Around 8ish or so i went back there to pick him up and see how his mom was doing.
He spoke with the doc about what’s going on and where things are at and he said that she is doing a tiny bit better.
The antibiotics are doing it’s job but it’s progressing very slow.
It’s a very slow process.
She needs to remain on the oxygen.
I’m not sure what her O2 level is without but with the oxygen her O2 is 95 which is great.

As of this post, that’s the latest update.
We may know more tomorrow, but we will have to see.

This may be longer than what anyone wants to read and i apologize for that but if you read it all, i appreciate it very much…thank you.

If you would be so kind to prey for her i would love nothing more.
Her name is Vivian and she 84 yrs old.

Thank you again.


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