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Who am i?

This is more of a descriptive post to my new year resolution that i had posted on my last post.
It’s more detailed and it should have it’s own post.

Over the years i have hidden one side of me…the soft side.
I have always been a softy, and what i mean by that is i have a heart for people, for animals etc.
When something happens to someone i feel it, it’s something i can’t turn my head to and just walk away without feeling something.
I feel emotional about things, i show care towards people…show people who i really am but not all of it.

There are so many things that i hold in and i keep held in and at some point it comes out one way or the other.
When this time happens i go private…away from everybody including people i’m around or in the house.

What i wanted to change in the new year and start fresh on is to be more open towards people.
Get more involved with people…people that may be going through situations that i’ve been through in which i could give some advice on.
I don’t want to keep holding stuff in, i want to go more public.
This has always been something that’s been very hard for me to do but over the last 6 months now it just starts to flow.

I remember i was talking to this person in a shoutbox quite some time ago and i remember a message she sent me…well not word for word but she said something like:

She said: My name should have been abby

I said: Why’s that?

She said: Because people come to me all the time with their problems.

This day, i think she was stressed out a little bit or frustrated.
I never really thought about the last part she said “Because people come to me all the time with their problems”.
I will get more into this in a bit.

To continue now…

I’ve always had a ear for people, always listened and always had some kind of advice to give.
About 6 months ago when i started to change in regards to this person i sat down and thought to myself “You know what, i’ve always been good at talking to people who are going through a difficult time…i feel like helping people out tonight, but where can i go to get involved”

After a bit of thinking i decided to check out Yahoo! Answers.
I answered a few posts in regards to relationship problems and got a couple Best Answers.
I was happy with this and i kept going and getting more and more Best Answers.

I can tend to put myself in someone elses situation even if i’ve never been in the situation.
Unless you experience this yourself it’s hard to explain.
The best way to put it is i can feel that i’ve been in that situation before and feel what it’s like.
Not saying it’s the exact feeling but a general idea.

I believe we shouldn’t hide any of what we are inside because you will always be a mystery to someone you’re close with.
We want to build relationships with people because we want to get to know them…we want to know who one another really is.
With that said, my 2 goals for the new year are:

  1. Put more of myself out there on a public level and not hide who i really am.
  2. help more people, find people who are going through difficult times with something and give them a ear.

Back to what i was saying earlier now…

So many people will go to someone with a situation because they trust that other person.
They will lend a ear, give some advice and or opinions to the situation.
She’s always been a good listener and it seems she can put herself in your situation and that’s why so many people would go to her with situations.


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  1. You always give great advice! And your so supportive! I was going to make a very inappropriate comment but I’ll wait till you call.

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