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Bad instinct became true

I live in Calgary, AB and we had a nice hit of snow overnight into today which made the roads very slick and slippery.
Speeds were reduced, traffic was congesting everywhere and accidents were all over the place.

Around 4:30 i got in contact with my dispatcher to let him know i was clear and he was sending me up west.
I was coming down a major road (Glenmore Trail) and traffic was at a deadlock.
Of course, my first instinct was great…there’s a accident somewhere on Glenmore trail.
I seen a few more cop cars, ambulances and fire trucks heading west on Glenmore.
On the traffic station i heard there was a 3 car accident that tied up all lanes (3 lanes) from where the accident had taken place.

As i was getting closer to it i had this really bad feeling that there was a fatality.
As we approached the instinct was getting stronger and i wanted to ignore it but couldn’t.
At this point when we got about 300 meters to the collision Glenmore Tr. was shut down and everyone was being detoured on to another major road (Deerfoot Trail).
About 5 min going down Deerfoot i seen what looked to be the CSI truck heading towards the collision.
I called in to one of the drivers and asked:

Is it normal for a CSI truck to go to a collision?

The driver responded back:

Omg, there was probably a fatality.

I heard from a couple people that someone was driving a van, hit a baracade and flipped killing a kid that was in the vehicle.
I couldn’t believe it when i heard that.
When i got home i came on the computer and read the Calgary News and seen the article of the collision.

Witnesses say that the vehicle was driving at a safe speed but it lost control, going over the center median and going head on with 2 cemi trucks.
It was a dodge ram pickup.
1 kid at the age of 1 was killed and the other at age 3 or 4 was transported to hospital in life threatening condition however it was down graded.

From the moment i heard that a little kid was killed, it had me inner emotional and all i could feel at that point was the devastation the parents were going through.
I’m not saying i could feel all of what they felt but it kind of touched as to how they are feeling.
It felt like a loss.
And knowing that Christmas is only 1 week away…it’s very very unfortunate.

Other drivers stopped to try and help, a off duty officer that was around there tried performing CPR on the little kid and the 2 drivers of the cemi tried to help.

It’s sad news and not something one would want to publish in the spirit of Christmas, but a wish on my list is that my prayers go out to the family and loved ones of this little boy and that the parents are well taken care of and will get the support to get through this traumatic experience.


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  1. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the family friends and all of those affected by this terrible tragedy. My heart breaks for the young mother, she’s only 30. I cried so hard when you told me it was a child, and had the same pit in my stomach when you asked about the csi truck. Lots and lots of prayers! God bless!

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