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Why can’t we escape?

It always makes me wonder why we try to escape things we just can’t escape.
Have you ever tried to forget about something or someone that has been bothering you or keeps playing on you, and every time you try to forget about you just can’t?

How many times have you noticed yourself easing off something or someone and something out of the blue pops up that’s relevant to that thing or person?
I’m sure it’s happened a lot or at least every so often.

I think there’s 2 possible reasons to why we can’t.
God is purity and love and that’s what he wants…he wants us to love each other.
When we hold something and or someone close to our hearts we are not to let it go.
We might as well say we don’t want love or we don’t want to and shouldn’t love things and people.
So when we try to forget about something we hold close and love something will happen that will allow us to remember this thing or person.

Another possible reason is because what we hold close to us is genuine and protected.
When we try to let something or someone go it’s because we try to convince ourselves the negativity of our feelings.
There’s nothing stronger than the heart but it’s what we listen to that determines the end result.

We all tend to listen to what are minds tell us and that’s why it can be so difficult for us to go by our tuition and heart.
We spend more time focusing on what our minds are telling us.

With that said i wish to share with you a actual real life example to what i mentioned above.

I’m not sure if i stated on here yet or not but this person i’ve been talking about on here is mexican.
I’ve stated before that i go through my times where things get difficult to handle and i just want to let go but every time i do something comes up…it never fails.

Over the last week now i’ve been easing off as to how much i think about this person and the memories of our friendship we once had.
As you would figure…that never lasted long.
4 days ago i go out to my van to look for something in my glove compartment and i seen this white sticker…right in front of me that said “Made in Mexico“…hummm, weird cause i’m used to seeing things made in china.
It didn’t throw me off or anything, i just paused for a second…no biggie.

I come down stairs on to my computer and i turned on the radio station i listen to while i’m at work.
I hear this song i’ve never listened to before so i turn it up cause it has a nice beat to it.
I start hearing the lyrics “On the streets of mexico”
The day after i go to work and yeah, i heard that song a few times throughout the day but than i do a delivery downtown.
I open up my facebook to check in.
As it’s figuring out my position the first place that shows up was “Jalapeño’s Mexican Grill”

The first thing i said to myself was….huh? what the heck…i looked around and noticed across the street, sure enough this place was.
I posted my check in incase you want to see it here
Than as i was coming down the street on macloed trail i got stuck in a little bit of a jam up infront of a place called “Salt & Pepper Mexican Restaurant”

Now i’m thinking to myself…why all this? mexico this mexico that than it got me remembering a voice conversation we had and she had said:

Oh…and PIA stands for Pain In The Ass.
I’m a PIA because i’m this crazy Mexican girl who lives in Chicago who throws my hands around everywhere every time i’m talking.
Trust me Jason, you don’t want to be around me when i’m talking because i’m dangerous when i am talking.

Now before all this i went into a store we deal with and seen there was a new employee.
So i asked one of the people in there who she was.
I asked this because we were talking and i noticed she was in the back working…seemed really quiet and shy.
So the employee i was talking to said “Oh, this is my friend XXX” i was like omg…what gives here lol because her name is the same as this person.
At some point in between all this i got into another store to do a pickup and the lady i was talking to…well…yeah, same name.

So now on a more serious note this is what i say to myself.
Even though this person isn’t here and i may not talk to her again, i tell myself that this is someone i shouldn’t forget…this isn’t a feeling i should be trying to escape.
This is someone i Love…not in the way you all might be thinking but this is a person i love for who she is and the friendship we shared and her personality.
This is someone i’ve always held in my heart.
Something like this is very hard to say on a public level because it’s a very deep personal thing (you could say).

The moral to this is if there’s someone, people, things you hold close to…don’t try to escape from it even though they’re not there.
Make yourself aware to the love that you have and doing this will help open your love more and this becomes your true self.

Over the last bit now i’ve really been debating on writing this.
Thank you for reading this.


Comments on: "Why can’t we escape?" (4)

  1. The heart knows what it wants. It is so hard when we can’t follow it due to different circumstances. If God keeps putting this person in front of you He will bring them to you.

  2. He does in deed and we may never know until the last minute…well almost.
    Take this as a example of magical ways.

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