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Personal song of choice

Music is a big thing to be and has been since i was a little child.
It allows you to express who you are and it allows you to listen to other people’s lives.
Over the years i’ve learned that music is a beat to someone’s story and that’s how some of us express it.
So with that here is a song i want to share with everyone and it’s not that it’s based on this person’s life but because it’s very touching and very inspirational if you listen to the lyrics.

I see this song a little bit different than i see most songs i listen to.
Every time i hear it, i look at it as a message that someone’s spirit would tell them.
When you listen to this song just picture the singer being the spirit inside of you.
I find the best time to listen to this song is when we are facing a difficult situation, when i get to a point where i feel something is too difficult to handle i just want to give up.

Anyways with that said here is the song i wish to share.

Leave your desired thoughts in the comments below.


Comments on: "Personal song of choice" (2)

  1. I absolutely love Josh Groban! He actually sings my baptismal song! The amount of soul he puts into his music is unlike most artists. You are very right music is a story, a window into the lives of people. Often they are able to speak also to the people that are listening to it.

    • Awsomeness đŸ™‚
      I heard that song on the radio for the first time and i listened to it so in depthly it felt like it was a message or something.
      I came home, downloaded the song and added it to my youtube videos.

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