the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

A dream following numerology

We all have dreams however this one was played out a little differently than previous ones.
It all started with a numerology report i read on this person (same lady as mentioned on this blog).
There were different numbers i was reading (eg. personality, soul, personal year etc.) and out of the entire report there was one thing that caught my attention…popped up to me.
Don’t get me wrong, there were alot of things that caught my attention but this one was a little bigger because there was something written down that’s a lyric to a song i’ve been listening to for some time now.
You can find the video below.

In the report:
You will make someone the way they were meant to be

Lyric in song:
What if you’re making me all i was meant to be

Video: (lyric around 0:56 mark)

The only reaction i had at this point was “Hummm…ok…weird, why does that sound like a lyric to a song i know”
It just felt kind of weird at the time.

Anyways while i was sleeping i had a few dreams (4 that i can remember).
3 of them don’t have anything to do with this so i will leave those out BUT 1 of them do.

I was looking for a song on my playlist for lyrics to show someone but i couldn’t find the song.
The back of a blue backpack was a screen that had my music and playlists.
So i was scrolling through the songs looking for the song to show someone but couldn’t find it.
Next thing i know i’m watching on a screen (the size of a tablet) with this lady doing a video message for me (this is the lady i’ve been talking about on this blog)  and she was standing on a sidewalk path on a curved bridge with beautiful white hand rails.
The wind was blowing her hair back and she had not really a sad look or a happy look but kind of in between.
I gave all 100% of my attention to her and this is what i remember her saying:

Please tell me, how did i make you who you were meant to be?

I woke up and wrote it down right a way cause i know i would be talking about it at some point this evening and it’s something i didn’t want to forget.

So between the numerology report to the dream i had, i can’t say i woke up and just carried on with my day.
The first thing that came to mind when i woke up was “was that really her that connected with me and asked me how she made me who i am supposed to be?”

It’s not something i can say i’ve experienced before.
And needless to say i just discovered last night that she is the same sign as me (Pisces) and to put the cherry on the cake her life path number is the same as mine (6).
The life path number is associated to numerology (for those who are not sure what numerology is).
It is a single digit number that’s calculated using the full birth date of someone.

I can say i was surprised about this whole thing.
All this i wrote above in under a 24 hour period sure had me surprised lol.


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