the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Discovering how we feel

Something amazing has happened in a discovery i never thought i would find.Last night i came across a article that blew me out of the water.
There were a couple sections within the article that smacked me in the face…it drew my attention like no article has done before.
It was like going from 100% gloomyness to 100% wide eyed.

I have learned that interpreting my dreams are messages from my spirit guide that help me to understand how i am feeling and what i may be feeling down the road.
This is great when paid attention to because it allows you to be more self aware and helps us to be aware of situations that may happen that may trigger what our spirits are telling us.
Signs like these are something we should treasure because we can prevent bad things from happening before they do.

What makes spirituality interesting is that we need to be our own detective and because there are many (topics) so to speak, there’s lots to discover.
There comes a time where we have a question that can not be answered…something you may not find…until the time is right.
One day out of the blue you may come across a (topic) that will have the answer.
You may not find a answer unless you work to seek it.

I believe i have found the answer to the experience i’ve been going through and i believe the answer to my question is SOULMATE.

Now, i’m not with this person and still haven’t heard from her so i can’t confirm my answer is the correct one.
Because i BELIEVE this is the answer, i can’t say i am certain and because of this, my belief makes me pay more attention because a answer could be given at any time.
This is one thing that is making me more self aware, makes me want to record events that occur and keep recording and interpreting my dreams…The answer can be anywhere at anytime.

Be as open and aware as much as you can because a answer to your question can be given at any time.

Thank you guys/gals for reading.


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