the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

express yourself in art

Sometimes i get amazed by how far creativity can really go when you have your mind set.
There are days where i sit here, open up photoshop and want to work on a image but when i start working on one i just don’t have the mind set for it.
Things wont come to mind and it gets frustrating sometimes.

an image has a meaning to it and i believe that when we create them we create them based on our feelings and emotions and by letting the pencil go freely your spirit will draw what you feel.
It’s also a great way to express yourself and let your feelings out.

Below is a image i did this evening of someone i miss and think about and when i look at it i’m amazed with how well it turned out, how the image speaks for itself and how i wonder how i did it.
I can’t say i’ve done a image like this before.
The only reason i’m sharing this image in a public view is because i want you to see how your spirit can lift your creativeness and express yourself



Comments on: "express yourself in art" (2)

  1. Wow that’s beautiful! I can most definitely relate to how frustrating it is when you just can’t express what it is your thinking or feeling. Art comes in so many different forms, and from many different sources. Like you my art/creativity comes out of my Spirit, I try to let it guide me. In my case it’s writing, but my goal is to let my Spirit speak through my hands. Let it be my Spirits words not mine. Clearly I have no problem being long winded lol! Keep up the great work! I have found the more connected you are to your spirit the easier and more frustrating it gets! Oh btw when I refer to my Spirit I am refering to the Holy Spirit. =)

  2. lol yup i know what spirit you are relating to 🙂
    I believe there are spirits and demons as there’s a god and a you know what.
    The spirit wants to guide us through happiness and help us get through obstacles we face and that’s why when they communicate with us which can be in many different ways the spirit lets us know what we’re doing, how we’re feeling and what we should do to turn it from bad things to good things.
    Yes, the more believing in spirits you are the more frusterating it gets however the stronger you get based on how strong you will allow your belief and faith to go.
    They are battles we face all the time.

    One thing i have noticed was when you let your spirit guide you in art/writing it always seems to turn out better than if you were doing it because you were bored.

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