the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Well there has been some things that have happened since i last posted here.

I’ve been having quite a few dreams since the middle of September.

  • Sept 14, Sept 15, Sept 22, Sept 24, Sept 25, Sept 26, Sept 27, Oct 2, Oct 4

When i go through my dreams it’s impressive to see what’s going on in my life and where i am headed.
I’ve never been one to record my dreams until Sept, from that point i write them down every time i have them.

I went out and bought a tablet that i keep on a end table beside my bed.
This comes in handy cause i’ll wake up early in the morning when i wake from my dream, reach over and write my dream down on the tablet.
My daily wake up is 9:00 but take this morning as a example.
I had a dream lastnight and at 4:49 am when i woke up i wrote it down on the tablet.

Now the funny part.
When i woke up at 9:15 i went to work and decided to open up my writing and i couldn’t believe the miss spells i had in my entry lol
Some of what i wrote didn’t even make sense (from how it was written) but i knew what i meant cause i remembered the dream.

As i started to interpret my dreams i sat down and looked deeper into things and here’s what i have found.
These are based on my behavior.

  1. I have been going through emotional ups and downs.
  2. I have some kind of confusion going on in my life and i’m having a hard time dealing with it.
  3. I need to watch how i react cause there’s a lot of rage that could get me into a lot of trouble.
  4. I’m becoming more spiritually aware and my belief is opening up more.
  5. I have found a answer to a issue i have been facing.

Now that’s not everything however that’s what a majority of my dreams have been telling me.
I want to add my answers to the above and explain how it’s woken me up to things.

  1. Every so often i will go through a day of emotions.
    That day that comes is when i want to give up hope and where i just want to let everything go.
    I just want to give up cause the hope of having a friendship back with that special person will not happen.
    The situation gets so hard some times that it hurts and that’s when my emotions kick into gear.
  2. The number 1 confusion i have is “why did i have that dream about her? and why since that night she plays on my mind and feel strong for her?” i’m confused by it cause i just don’t know why.
    I’m having a hard time dealing with it cause every day i try to find a answer.
  3. My anger has increased and there are days where i get angry over the stupidest thing.
  4. My belief in spirits has been much greater and i feel that i am more spiritually aware because of the dreams i have that i no longer ignore and that i pay more attention to.
  5. I don’t know if i have found a answer to a issue i have been facing.
    Me and the girlfriend were talking a few nights ago when i had one of those emotional days and i asked her the same question i ask myself daily “Why did i have that dream and why since than do i feel so strong for her? it feels like a magnet…like something keeps drawing me in, i don’t want the feelings to go away, i just want that answer…why??? everything happens for a reason, what’s the reason for this?”
    That’s when she said “because you might not think it when you’re a wake but deep down inside of you, you’ve missed her and when you had that dream where you seen her, that’s when you’re feelings came to realization”

I figured it could very well be the answer i’ve been looking for but any answer could be the right or wrong one.
Now that i think of it, maybe that dream was a message to how i’m feeling.

Well that’s it for now i think.
I thought i would wait a while before coming back to share some more experiences with you guys/gals and with that, there it is.
The purpose to this post is for one to take you through experiences i go through adn for 2, to show how important it is to record your dreams and interpret them the best you can.
It really is a eye opener and i’m learning that more as i go further.

To get this out in another way i just want to say one thing.

*I hope she is well, i hope she is safe, i hope she’s in no harm*


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