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Imagination or connection?

As some of you know already the experiences i’ve been having regarding a certain person.
I’ve been taking you step by step into my experiences and how i have been dealing with it, and this is one of those things i want to share.

3 days ago (October 21) i was partly awake but not enough to where i could open my eyes.
I was imagining myself calling someone because i really needed to talk to someone about what’s been going on with me and how i have been feeling.
I called this person and asked (more…)


express yourself in art

Sometimes i get amazed by how far creativity can really go when you have your mind set.
There are days where i sit here, open up photoshop and want to work on a image but when i start working on one i just don’t have the mind set for it.
Things wont come to mind and it gets frustrating sometimes.

an image has a meaning to it and i believe that when we create (more…)

Update on my experiences since last

Well there has been some things that have happened since i last posted here.

I’ve been having quite a few dreams since the middle of September.

  • Sept 14, Sept 15, Sept 22, Sept 24, Sept 25, Sept 26, Sept 27, Oct 2, Oct 4

When i go through my dreams it’s impressive to see what’s going on in my life and where i am headed.
I’ve never been one to record my dreams until Sept, from that point i write them down every time i have them.

I went out and bought a tablet that i keep on a end table beside my bed.
This comes in handy cause i’ll wake up early (more…)