the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Not lastnight but the night before i was digging for information on how other people connect with their spirit guide and i seen one article where this lady wrote how she does it.

One thing she had mentioned was to sit down before you go to bed and just clear your mind.
Think of a question you want a answer to than write it down in your dream journal or on a notepad and place it near your bed.
I took it literal and i used Notepad (windows notepad).
Before i went to bed i went into deep thought, as if i wanted to reach out and ask the spirits a question.
I wrote down my question on the Notepad and read it out loud a few times.
I went shut the lights off, layed down and i just relaxed.
Once i was relaxed and went into a clear state i asked the question again…but not out loud.

This is the question i asked:

Why do i feel so close to her and how does she feel?

The next morning when i woke up i remember 2 short little dreams.

  1. My dogs got out but i only remember seeing 2 of them (small black dog, white with grey patches) walking across a bridge to the other side.
  2. I was having a shower, after i was washed i decided to plug the bath tub so i can sit down and relax in a nice warm tub.

With objects i remember in the dreams here’s the interpretations i got:

White Dog
To see a white colored dog in your dream indicates that the intentions of a friend are pure and true.

Black Dog
To see a black colored dog in your dream symbolizes the shadow aspect of a friend. The dark side of someone close to you is being revealed and you are able to see through to their true intentions.

Alternatively, the bridge may indicate that you are trying to “bridge” or connect two things together.
***The beginning of this interprets you walking across the bridge which i wasn’t***

Those are what i got with the one dream.
Second dream, here’s what i got.

To dream that you are taking a shower in clear, fresh water symbolizes spiritual or physical renewal and forgiveness. You are washing the burdens out of your life. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you are “showering” someone with gifts or love.

To dream that you are taking a bath signifies a cleansing of your outer and inner self. You are washing away the difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativities. Your dream may be pointing toward forgiveness and letting go.

To see water in your dream symbolizes your subconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment.

Side note that just came to mind.
I noticed there were 2 dreams that i had and there were 2 questions that were asked.

So from this experience i believe my spiritual guide contacted me with some information relating to my question.
There’s more information my spirit guide provided me and looking over a period of time (a few months anyways) i can see very well.

So with my experience being shared with all of you, this is something i would like you guys/gals to try out.

Think of a question before you go to bed and just write it down.
It doesn’t have to be on the computer but do it in a dream journal or anything else you would write on.
When you wake up, under your question write down the dream that you had.
Go and interpret them and write them down under where you wrote your dream.
You may see a answer to the question through your interpretation.
If you don’t see a answer in there you may find other information that you can see is what’s going on in your life.

Don’t give up on it, in a couple days, a week, a month or any time you may find that answer.
So keep dreaming and keeping taking notes of them and interpreting them.

Well that’s it for this post, if there’s something you would like to share please leave a comment.


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