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Who are friends?

I was on Facebook last night and i was going to write a note titled “Friends v.s friends” but for some reason i changed my mind and never did write it.

I come on Facebook a couple of hours ago and noticed a friend updated their status to something like “i may not be perfect but at least i’m not fake”

I joined in on it and she threw a response out that said:

u know…. in this short ilfe i met so many fake people… they dont know how much they can hurt u beeing fakes…. is so sad

and so here i am…going to write what i was going to last night.

The problem i see this day in age is everyone wants to be everyone else and not them selves.People are too caught up in being who they really aren’t they just don’t see it, cause it’s a life style they choose/chose.
What’s sad about this is it’s really hard to have a person who are them selves get close to someone who they like but are not them selves.
We all show our unique side to others but it’s only something we show once and a while and that shouldn’t have to be the case.
We should be ourselves.
It’s like when you were in school and you got into trouble with the law or you started smoking when you were a teen.
You did it cause your friends did it and you wanted to fit in and be like them cause you thought they were cool.
I went down that road when i was younger…i used to smoke pot, be in and out of jail all the time.
My life did a complete 360 and i’m the opposite of what i used to be.

Friends now a days are groups of people who follow in each others footsteps (not saying they’re all bad) but we want to be like the other people in our group of “friends”
It’s said to say that finding a “Friend” is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Wouldn’t you want to say “i only have a few friends” and know that they’re actually friends than to say “I have 350 friends i hang out with all the time” and know that a majority of them wont treat you as a friend? especially if it came down to where you really needed that friend there for support, help or a situation going on in your life.

I’m one of those people who can tell you that i have had 2 best friends throughout my life.
One of them was when i was younger until he moved out of the province.
The other one was a few years back…well she’s been mentioned on this blog.

I’d rather have no friends than to have fake friends

Be true to yourself and be yourself to you and to others.

Well thanks for reading this post, i just wanted to get that out there.


Comments on: "Who are friends?" (2)

  1. Doris Prado Salcedo said:

    we have the same opinion… we can make people change a litle day by day…but 4 that we have to show them, who we are….

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