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Keep track of your dreams with dreamnoter

I’ve been working on a piece of software for a little while now and it’s to help me keep track of my dreams.
It allows us to keep track of the following:

  • Locations
    Where are we (house, park, beach etc.)
  • Objects
    What do we see (doors, clocks, water etc.)
  • Most important…our dream

When objects are added, they get added to a list box as individual items.
Once one or more items (more…)

Connecting with the spirit guide

Not lastnight but the night before i was digging for information on how other people connect with their spirit guide and i seen one article where this lady wrote how she does it.

One thing she had mentioned was to sit down before you go to bed and just clear your mind.
Think of a question you want a answer to than (more…)

Why do we feel _______

Here’s a quick question i would love to get a answer on or your thoughts on this question.

If we build a friendship with someone and they leave or however long, why do we feel much stronger about them when they’re not there than we did when they were there?


Who are friends?

I was on Facebook last night and i was going to write a note titled “Friends v.s friends” but for some reason i changed my mind and never did write it.

I come on Facebook a couple of hours ago and noticed a friend updated their status to something like “i may not be perfect but at least i’m not fake”

I joined in on it and she threw a response out that said: (more…)