the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Ok so before i get to this i want to talk about how this worked for someone else as it did me.
Once i finish with this story i will show you guys/gals how i did it and you can try it for yourself and it should work.

So lastnight before the girl went to bed i turned on some music (at a low level) shut the light off and told her to lay on the bed.
I talked to her in a real soft voice and gave her instructions on what to follow.
While i was giving them to her she was asking me…

What are you doing?

I replied with
Don’t worry about it for right now, just follow the instructions i’m giving you and i will talk to you about it in the morning when you wake up.

After everything was said and done i asked her how she felt and she told me she never felt so relaxed as she did than.
The day went by really well today (first time in a long time) she had a day where she never talked about anything stress related, never had a headache and was clear minded.

So with that said and if you want to go to bed with no stress or tension than i encourage you to give this a try.

  1. You can turn some music on if you like but make it soft/slow type of music at a low level.
    You don’t want to have noise that will distract you throughout this process.
  2. Shut the light off or down so there’s minimal light.
  3. Lay down on the bed and shut your eyes
  4. take some deep breaths to calm your self down
    You want to be at a settle breathing level.
  5. Stretch yourself across the bed or couch or wherever you sleep or can lay down
  6. Once your mind is clear i want you to clear the tension from your feet…just invision the tension leaving.
  7. Next invision the tension of your legs leaving and continue on throughout your body.Include your back, shoulders and neck.
    Your body should be in a lose state so if someone was to pick up your arm your hand would just dangle.
    Your body may have a numb type feeling and it may not feel like you’re laying in your bed…it may feel like a floating feeling.
  8. Keep yourself in this state for a bit as you want your mind to clear completely and the tension to leave your body.

If you just lay there and end up falling as sleep that is totally fine.
You will sleep good and when you wake up the next the morning your mind should be at ease.
The tension wont be there like it was the day before.

If this works for you, it might be a good idea to do this on a regular basis cause nobody wants to live with tension and stress on a day to day basis.

Well this is something i did and i do it on a regular basis and this is something i tried on someone else and it worked for them so i want to see if this works for you.

If this does work for you, pass it down to your friends or other people you know.
Pass it down by having them lay down.
Talk to them in a soft voice and give them instructions as i did above.
You can do a quick check after a few minutes by lifting their arm up a little bit.
If the hand doesn’t flop down than they need to loosen up.
Keep lifting their arm until you see this and if the hand flops over you can take your fingers and just above the wrist where the veins are you will feel if they are forcing their hand to flop.
Forcing this isn’t helping cause there’s still tension going on.

Well thank you guys/gals for reading this post, if this has helped you i would love to hear about it.


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