the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Over the course of my experience i’ve heard that things that have happened to me have been connecting spiritually or some kind of spiritual activity was involved.

The main effects i have noticed are:

  • Body shaking
  • Emotions escape

The shakiness of the body comes from the spiritual energy going through your body and into your meditation process.
When emotions have been building up for so long and you start meditating, you are clearing your mind…you’re clearing everything you can.
So anything that has been sitting there is now coming out and that’s what helps take stress and tension away from the body.

Are you a believer in spiritual connections or are you a spiritual believer?
If so than i want to share with you on how i meditate and it’s something i want you to try.
There’s a couple reasons why i would like you to try it.

  1. I want to see some of the experiences people get
  2. I want to see if there are visions people are receiving
  3. I want to know what you think just happened if you experienced anything different

I love to hear others tell their stories on what they’ve experienced because some experiences and outcomes on their experiences can be quite interesting.
For example, say you want to send someone a message and let them know you are thinking about them…does that person bring it up to you?

Well…with that said here’s how i do it.

  1. I have my music playing but at a very low volume (yes, it’s soft slow type music)
  2. I sit in a quiet room and get relaxed (loosen your body up, relax your muscles)
  3. I close my eyes and start taking deep breaths (inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth)
  4. I do that to calm the body down
  5. I don’t think about anything, all i see is black and i focus on a person
  6. When i can get this person focused a little bit i will wait until i start feeling the energy flowing through (This is where the body shaking comes in)
  7. I feel the energy go from my toes and eventually it goes to my heart
  8. At this point i will picture a beam going from me to her (this is what makes you see that you two are connected)
  9. I will give a slow breathing pattern of the message i want to send (This is what makes me know it’s coming from the heart)
  10. I will wait for the body shaking to stop and than i open my eyes.

If you do not experience anything from this you should at the very least feel that much more relaxed and stress relieved.
You need to believe though, you need to believe that spirits can deliver.

Anyways i want you to try that and let me know what happens.
If something happens within the next day or down the road, come back and post that.
I want to open a “Spiritual Spiritual Experiences” section to this blog and have your experiences shown.

Thank you guys/gals for reading this post.


Comments on: "Do you want to connect to your spirit?" (2)

  1. When you are doing this does the shaking happen every time?

    • No, sometimes i don’t get it.
      I can do it one night and feel the shaking other times i will feel like this great source of energy that’s in me…kind of like a excitement feeling throughout the body.
      Other times i will just get shivers up my spine, another would be my body feels like it’s sweating.
      The spirit may come into you in different ways.

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