the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Before i get to this incident that happened today it would help that you know i am a courier driver (i pick up and deliver items)
I do deliveries all throughout the city as well as outside the city.

Ok…so now that we’re on the same page here’s something weird that happened to me today.

I went to the Airport to do a pickup and there was a older lady working in there i have never seen before.
I walk up to the counter and she says

Is there something i can help you with?

I say
Yes, i am with Bentley and i’m here for delivery.

She says

So another lady grabs the flowers and brings them back to me to pick up.
The older lady looks at me for a minute and ask

Are you . . . Jason with Bentley?

I say
What the heck, are you psychic or something lol?

She says
I don’t know…are you?

i say
I’m sure working on it

She didn’t say another word.
Even after i asked her how she knew my name.
The only thing i could think of and i asked was if my dispatcher told her i was coming.
She said No.
So i asked her again

How did you know my name?

Still no reply…so i don’t know lol
When i grabbed the flowers and went back to my van i got in contact with my dispatcher and asked him if he told the shop it was me coming down.
He said No, he didn’t know who was going to the airport when he got the call, than he asked me why.
Well…i told him.
He thought it was weird and freaky.

Although it was weird i thought it was pretty cool at the same time if that makes any sense.

Well..i just thought i would put that out there and share it will all of you.

Have you had a incident like this happen to you before?
If so, i would love to hear it so leave it in the comment section below.

Thank you guys/gals for reading this post.


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