the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

When we hear the word psychic the first image that comes to our minds are people with special powers, special abilities and can see things that we can’t see.

Here’s a weigh in for all of you.
If you were to ask 100 if they were psychic how many would say Yes?
Lets say 3 people (as a example).
Now if you asked 100 of them if they thought about something and it happened, here’s a few examples:

  1. Someone knew someone else was going to say something
  2. A driver changes lanes to get in front of the other person
  3. Someone had a gut feeling something was happening (good or bad) and it happened

How many of the 100 people would say they’ve experienced one of the above or something similar?
The answer is there.

The question you have to ask yourself is, how did you know that, that event was going to happen with nobody telling you it was going to happen?
Sure you might know the other person really well and knew he would say something before he did but really, this person could have said something else…so how did that person know?

It’s a psychic ability we all have, we just tend to ignore it.
And this goes back to the beginning (what we see when he hear *Psychic*)
Being a psychic doesn’t mean you have to be able to tell someone’s future or describe what’s going on in a relationship and what will happen to it or when you will meet your next lover.

Some people have a higher recognition in their higher selves and can see a lot of situations as they are happening.
They get gut feelings (so to speak) of what’s happening or what may happen and sometimes it’s accurate.

Here’s a good example.
I was driving down a main road earlier today during rush hour (4 lanes each way) i was in the middle lane and i seen a black BMW on the right side of me.
I had this *gut feeling* that he was going to switch lanes so i eased off on the gas so there would be enough room for him to get in.
Sure enough he went in in front of me.
No, there were no hand signals and this was before he turned his signal light on.

It’s time we start looking deeper within ourselves and experience the full experience of what we can do.
How would you feel if someone came up to you and said they were having a problem in a relationship, they explained the details of what’s going on and have you turn around and say “Well it sounds like things aren’t going very well, there’s a lack of communication in the relationship and someone’s not fully trusting the other person)?

It would make you feel great!, it would make you feel like this person that has a new gift and it’s a gift for you.
You just have to look outside the box.
Don’t just look at the picture you see with your eyes and disregard it, study what you look at…learn whatever it is you’re looking at.

For me, i look at things all day everyday and alot of things are the same things and because i see them on a regular basis i would normally have disregarded it out of my mind and just look past it.
But i don’t do that, i’ve always had a interest on how something works, what makes things work and that’s where things really start to get interesting.

What’s the purpose to that?
Detail…pay attention to detail.
When there’s a argument going on you would just think of it as a argument, and that’s the picture you see with your eyes.
The detail of the argument is what caused it, Is there something someone is doing that would have lead to that argument? how did it get handled? how did both people react physically and emotionally?

Once you have those answers it just opened up more information you can give those people or that person.
This opens more information to you for you to understand and that will allow you to see more into that person or those people.

This is where we need to open ourselves up more, get in contact with your higher self because everything you need to know is there…it’s in your spirit.

Well that is my post for this evening.
While we’re on this topic, if you’re facing a issue in a relation or have a relationship based question and want a opinion, drop a line in the contact form and i will do my best to answer your question and give my opinion.

Thank you guys/gals for reading.


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