the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

Listen to this while you’re reading and see how you feel
On this post i just want to talk about how believing has helped and changed me in a good way and what it has done for me.

I have posted on a few experiences i have faced based on belief and this is where i want to take a minute and talk about it.
I want to talk about things i do, what my routine is and how it’s raised my inner self to a higher level.

When i am at work there’s always some sort of stress playing on you (I’m a courier driver) and it may not be stress you will feel at that time but it’s stress that causes tension and it builds up over a period of time.

Throughout the day when we stop long enough (about 15 min or so) i will sit back in my chair, close my eyes and just clear my mind of everything that’s going on…try and think about nothing.
If i feel i’m getting stressed out to where i can feel it and i’m not sure where to start i will do this and take deep breaths to help calm myself and clear my mind.
When i’m ready to go i’ve noticed i can focus better and i’m not as stressed or tensed.

Music i used to listen to “heavy metal, rap, almost anything” i’ve down graded it to softer music and that’s because it’s soft on my mind and ears, it allows me to just sit there and go into deep thought.

Another thing i have found with myself is a lot of the music i listen to gets me thinking about this person (Nikki which i’ve talked about in previous posts).
Some of the lyrics in some of the songs remind me of her in some sort of way and i will just get visions at that moment.
This helps me focus on not what’s going on but what i’m feeling.
Here’s a good example of that and this happened this evening.

I had a couple more deliveries left to do and my anger was growing inside of me because of some situations with work and i wanted to get answers.
As my anger was growing there would be a song that would play on the radio and my mind would instantly forget about my anger and the situation that’s going on and my mind would be on her…it’s like she pops up all the time.
I would sing the lyrics out loud and meaningful and i would notice by the end of the song i am mellowed out, i’m calm and relaxed.
This happened a few times.
I would feel a hit to my chest (not a hard hit) but more like a soft entrance i guess you could say and it made me see and believe that spirits are with me and guiding me down a path of release…anger, stress and tension release.

My higher self knows everything about me and the same for you.
It knows what you want and where you need to be and i believe i have woken to believe that and go by it’s guidance.
A source of direction was to help people…be there for people who need it and not worry about critics who want to knock down what you say.
3 years ago you would never catch me creating a personal blog that goes into my life like this, you wouldn’t catch me leaving public vieweable comments that involves helping people cause i worried about the next person saying “You’re just a pussy, get over it, dude you need to get out and enjoy life more” etc…I’m sure you know where i am going with this.

There’s a reason i’m viewing something, there’s a reason you gain a interest in what’s being said, so why not act on it?
If there’s something you feel you could say that may help that person, you could be holding back a key answer that could change everything.

I’ve always been a soft person but tried to hide most of it and that’s because i’ve lost friends on the account of it cause they weren’t comfortable around people who are too soft.
If that’s the case, well that person is not a true friend because everyone has to show who they really are.
If you’re the soft type, show it, let people know.
You will feel much better cause you have nothing to hide, you’re showing everyone who you really are.

When i get home at night i would sit down at my computer, turn on my music and just relax myself.
There will be times i will find myself closing my eyes and just look down, other times i will hear ringing in my ears (for some reason this happened several times today) and i will close my eyes and see if i can listen for a message or something.

So the whole picture to this is believing allowed me to bring all of my true side out (Ways i’ve shown in the past has been my true ways) but more of me has been shown and it’s something i wouldn’t want to change simply cause it’s who i am.
It’s made me become more calmer.
It’s made me become less stressful about things.

Try some of these techniques, see if it helps you in any way.
It truly is a great feeling and you feel that there is so much more you can do, you feel that you’re more free from yourself.

Do you have a spiritual belief that helps you see things and or hear things you normally wouldn’t hear?
I’m curious to hear about it.

Thank you guys/gals for reading this.


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