the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

On August 4th 2013 i found a forum called BitWine.
It’s a psychic type forum.

I stumbled across this forum and asked the question about the dream i had.
A couple of the responses opened up some possibilities.

Response 1:

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So with those few responses it put me more at ease.
However…things didn’t stop there.

On August 2nd 2013 i went and layed in bed.
I closed my eyes, cleared my mind and had this visual

My fiance woke up and went running upstairs to see who was at the door at this time of night and my uncle got out of bed as well to see who it was.
Next thing i know my fiance comes to the stairs and yells down “uncle don and sam are here”.
I get out of bed and i’m asking myself “Why are they here at this time of night?” so i go upstairs and outside to see what was going on.
I open my front door and nobody was there, i walked down the driveway a bit and i see someone walking up the driveway.
It was her…i couldn’t believe it.
It’s like i collapsed and got back up.

So with that dream that i couldn’t figure out to the visual i had, something was telling me something or something is going on and i couldn’t figure it out.

At this point my spiritual side came out…it’s never come out like this before and i’ve never really looked it up or studied things on it.
Before i carry on further i should say something so this next part makes a little more sense to you.

Throughout this time i was feeling very very close to her, i was feeling that she was here with me…she had a spot in my heart that i could feel (still do).
I have been very worried about her not knowing if she’s ok or not.
I haven’t seen her active anywhere on the internet (from what i could find)

So with that said that is one of the reasons my spiritual side came out.
I wanted to find a way of connecting with her and my belief in spiritual connection is pretty high.
I sat on the floor one night and started to meditate…i closed my eyes, cleared my mind and seen a image of her.
Well it was a vision of a live drawing being done of her hair, face, eyes and mouth.
I had this weird feeling go through my body as this was happening…it was like a shiver/goose bump type of feeling.
I knew something was happening…but what?
I felt that there was some kind of connection going on but i wasn’t sure, so…i went back to the forum again and posted my experience.
The responses i got back were positive to what i had thought was happening.

The next evening i did the same thing only this time i sat with my legs crossed, visioned her in my mind and spoke a message from my heart.
My legs started to shake, then my chest area than my head. (this being done while speaking my message)
That night i had this strong feeling that she is doing ok, that she’s still around…not sure for sure if everything is ok with her family or someone close or not but just that she’s still here.

Now…throughout all this time she’s on my mind all the time, even if i’m not thinking about her…that’s fine cause she pops up anyways.
I always get a drop feeling in my upper gut area and that’s when i go into deep thought…like day dreaming.
It’s a continuous thing and to this day it’s still happening and it’s not something that will just go away.

Another experience i had was the other night when i went to bed.
Only this experience wasn’t a dream…it was….well i will leave that for another post you can find here because it’s not relevant to this one.

So in the meantime thank you guys/gals for reading this.
If you have had any similar experience that you wish to share, please leave them in the section below.


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