the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

On July 17th 2013 i sat down one night and something had just come to me.
I remember when i used to chat to lots of people there were some that were going through difficult times in relationships and i was able to give them some advice that they appreciated and used

At that point i wanted to find a place where i could answer questions, give my personal opinion and advice.
The first site that came to mind was Yahoo Answers.
It’s perfect“…i thought.
I went through the categories and seen singles, relationships etc. in there, so i knew that would be a place i would start.

I went through a lot of them and some of them were very interesting to say the least.
Feeling what some of these people are going through kind of makes me happy knowing there is a possibility where someone could be helped with a issue they are having.

What makes these interesting are alot of these people are looking for help, they want to know what they should do or what other people should do.
My stats aren’t very high but here’s where they’re at:

Answers: 28
Marked As Best Answers: 11

It’s a start, hearing some of the feedback on *marked as best answers* really lifts my confidence and spirits.
This is something i believe i should keep doing and not to mention it’s something i love doing, i love helping people when i can, i always have a ear for someone and will always give advice where i can.

I’m from Calgary, AB and i don’t see much stuff posted in the Calgary area…although it would be kinda neat.

Anyways, this is a experience that has been brought back up into me and it’s something i thought i would share.

Thank you guys/gals for reading.


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