the gift of your higher self and how you know it's there

On August 15th 2013 @ 11:30pm i was finishing up what i was doing on the computer.
I set my alarm so i could be up in the morning for work.
I crawled into bed and started to fall a sleep…Well so much for that idea.
My right side wisdom tooth started aching, which was fine at first cause it was tolerable.
Well a short time later it cause worse…it got to the point i couldn’t take it anymore, it was hurting so bad.

I got up and went upstairs to brush my teeth, well that helped for about 5 minutes than the pain came right back.I grabbed my bottle of Anbesol and a Q-Tip and put some on the wisdom tooth (where it was hurting)
That numbed it up for a couple minutes than the pain came back.
I sat up again and grabbed the heating pad…well never will i do that again cause as soon as i started to feel the heat it stung really bad until i took it off and turned it off.
I thought the only option i had was to go up to my freezer and grab something cold…something that would freeze my jaw and numb the pain.
I came back down stairs to bed with the cold pack on my jaw and nothing was happening.
My fiance tried rubbing my jaw very lightly but any touch to it hurt so that didn’t work.
I ran out of ideas…there was nothing else i could do so i just layed there and took the pain.
I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind which of course didn’t work too well but i did try.

However though….

My eyes were closed, my feet started to shake and than my legs started to shake.
My fiance sat up and asked me if i was ok…i couldn’t say anything…it’s like i tried to speak but i couldn’t.
All i could do was nudge my head (yes or no).
She says “Great, the pain is getting worse isn’t it?, is the pain getting worse? you’re shaking like a leaf”
I nudged my head “No” and she said “No?, the pain isn’t getting worse?” and i nudged my head again “No”
From the heart area down to my feet were shaking…the pain was going away.
After a few minutes of this going on the pain was completely gone…it puzzled me, i wasn’t sure what happened, how i tried everything and the pain wouldn’t go away at all and now this and it’s gone 100%.
I started feeling emotional…i felt this heart drop feeling again.
I was beyond tears at this point, i started to cry and i couldn’t control it.
My fiance thought i was crying cause i was going through so much pain and at that point i could talk and i told her No, the pain is gone…i don’t get it.
She asked me what i don’t get so i told her “Well i tried everything and nothing worked and this experience..well the pain was gone”
I was trying to explain to her what was going on, i waved my hands in a upper motion from my feet as i was explaining the shakiness and everytime my hands went over my heart area i would break down crying…i couldn’t complete my explanation to her without breaking down.
I told her i couldn’t understand why i was breaking down like this when the pain is gone.
She looked at me with a pause and said that it sounds like Nikki’s spirit came into you and took the pain away.
Just hearing that made my emotional again…i was crying again and i asked her “Is she even here anymore? is she with us or has something happened to her?”
I cryed for a good hour.
It was a experience i’ve never had before and i had a hard time figuring stuff out.

There seems to be something going on…the dreams, experiences i’ve been having, visions to my spiritual beliefs being shown like never before.
All of this has happened since that dream i had.
This isn’t something i want to go away cause it seems like a transition in my life or some kind of awakening i’m going through.

Have you had a experience where you think spiritual activity was a part of it?
Share it in the comment section below.


Comments on: "A spritual experience i will never forget" (3)

  1. […] this experience wasn’t a dream…it was….well i will leave that for another post you can find here because it’s not relevant to this […]

  2. I have had almost the exact experience! I had just layed down and started to fall asleep. All of a sudden I heard this really loud vibration in my ears, then all of a sudden the vibrations went through my whole body! I couldn’t move a single muscle the only thing I could do was look around with my eyes. I couldn’t speak. I knew I was awake because I looked at the time and could see things around my room. I could feel that I was awake. That was the first time. The doctor said it was just a night terror. I didn’t believe that! The second time I was less scared, and that’s when it happened! The Lord spoke to me. The actual spirit of the Lord froze me, so that He could speak to me.

  3. It’s a amazing feeling when you know he is there and speaking to you.
    That’s the problem when we talk to other people about stuff like that…well people who don’t believe in the holy spirit and god.
    They believe it’s a body reaction and to explain in detail and how you felt couldn’t be understood by the doc.

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